Shampoo Bars

Yes, Shampoo "BARS" - literally soap for your hair. See our current range here.

But why use a bar rather than the convenience of a liquid? Well our shampoo bars follow our philosophy of using nature's own products.


  • Our "CoCo 100" range uses only 100% Coconut Oil and nothing else except the Essential Oils we use to fragrance the range to concoct. No preservatives, they're not necessary as there's no water in our products.

  • Our shampoo bars won't strip your hair of their natural oils and are gentle on your scalp. 

  • And of course, they're eco-friendly - no plastic wrap or bottles, simply wrapped in paper or card - and no pollutants left to contaminate the water supply.

Using our Soap Bars as Shampoo

It is quite OK to use any of our hand-crafted soap bars as shampoos, but please bear in mind that everyone’s hair is different and can be affected in different ways. It can take up to 10 washes for your hair to get used to the natural oils, so persevere. An occasional rinse with 60/40 Water and Apple Cider Vinegar may help your hair to adjust.

Having said that, when switching to shampoo bars from your liquid you will find there is no need to use special conditioner either.  However as I said above, your scalp will need to adjust to its new regime and the most natural way to do this after shampooing your hair is to rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)! ACV is packed with nutrients, it will help with tangles and frizzy hair, bring back shine to your hair, stimulate your scalp,  unclog hair follicles and decrease dandruff. Simply mix ACV with Water 40/60 and rinse every other wash. Dry hair will need a weaker mix, so experiment to see which mix suits your hair better. But whatever mix you use, keep it out of your eyes! But do remember, not every hair type will react the same to Shampoo Bars.

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